Kits – Jasper

These kits will arrive and be ready to use the moment you power them up [within the limitations of Jasper].

They will be customized to the user, and an image will be provided so they can restore any time they like.

They will include the following:

  • RPI3 B+
  • 32GB Class 10 SD Card
  • USB Mic (Speaker is not included)
  • Installed/Setup of Jasper by me personally
    • Install of Jasper and all dependencies
    • STT Setup (Voice Recognition)
    • TTS Setup (Computer Speech)
  • Installed
    • In Virtual Environment
  •  Testing
    • Running overnight
      • Hardware tested if requested
      • With your settings if you wish
  • Copy of your personalized image for backup
    • Must be requested ahead of time.
    • In case you wish to restore to a “Known Good” state
  • Updates
    • Such as customized integrations and modules provided by me.
    • Updated Installer / Setup script COMING SOON.
    • Integration.
    • Wake Word Customization (AKA “Jasper”)
      • Customization of Name
      • Not Language Specific

Although Jasper is what I give as an example, there are other options available.  Please message me for more information.

If you are interested in one of these kits, feel free to contact me or start the process by purchasing one below:


** International Shipping Available where permitted by law **

No Refunds. No warranty comes as is, and is for development.  The user is responsible for performance.  No guarantees of any kind.    Matthew Curry 2017