The N.A.O.M.I. Project



The Networked Automation and Organizational Media Interface.

Testing Information

NAOMI is a multi-functional AI, with integration in to virtually any hardware/software.  Currently this is very modular giving NAOMI a lot of flexibility, and scale-ability that you would otherwise not see in other similar applications.  Some compare the NOAMI project to JARVIS from the Iron Man series.  That would be a bit closer to the end goal.
Keep in mind that the NAOMI project is based off an early fork of the Jasper Project, but is very different.  The Jasper project is only a small part of what makes up NAOMI.  I do however, give them a large amount of credit for helping me get started.
  1. Be Completely Self Contained
    1. no off-device calls for STT/TTS/ETC
  2. Be able to run on a RPI2 [or equivalent low-power SOC]
    1. Must maintain low power requirements
  3. Be Modular for Expand-ability/Scale-ability
  4. Integrate an efficient Natural Language Processor
    1. Testing in Python Currently
  5. Integrate Vision
    1. Testing in OpenCV

  1. Integrate Machine Learning
    1. Testing using OpenCyc