Linux Learning Project


The Linux Learning Project, is something I started a very long time ago, and the goal hasn’t changed one bit.  “To give the lesser fortunate the opportunity to learn Enterprise Linux technologies.” Giving them the ability to find work in something they are already passionate about.

Many people ask “How do you teach the class?”; and the answer is “I don’t”.  I teach the apprentices (yes we use trades levels), how to teach themselves. Then I simply give help, guidance, and a knowledge base of resources to allow the student to teach themselves.

I get a lot of young guys that see you can make good money in the industry, which is true.  However, if you are not passionate about what your are learning then do something else.  This job is not for someone that just wants the money.  You need passion.  When you are at home bored, do you read about tech? Do you try stuff on a ‘play’ server; or listen to podcasts about Linux?  If you do these things, then you are likely to enjoy this type of work.  If those sound boring, then make sure this is for you.

So all that being said, there are many great reasons to learn Linux for a career if you are passionate about it.

  • Jobs Virtually Anywhere.
    • Pretty much any modern country/city
  • Pays Well.
  • All the training is available free.
    • Youtube
    • How-Tos
    • Forums
  • The OS is free.
    • Cost nothing
    • Code is Open Source
  • Most of the software is free.
    • Most of the software you will need/use is free.
    • This makes building a home lab very cheap.
      • Virtual Machines
      • Containers
      • Old Equipment
        • Raspberry Pi’s