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Projects Page Added!

As requested, I have created a place for my projects on my site.  Please feel free to follow me as I work through them.  They are not projects that I am taking on professionally. They are completely for fun, and with no expectation or time limits.  That being said, I am a huge supporter of open source.

So in that spirit, I will be posting all functional code when I feel its ready to be used.  I am always open to ideas/suggestions.  Feel free to contact me via my Contacts page any time.

Quick Tip of the Day.

Not that I have them daily, but I might if I get a good response.

Have you ever tried logging into an SSH server, and get a weird error:

/.ssh/config: line 22: Bad configuration option: 342200202

This is a very simple issue but it can be a huge PITA if you can’t fix it quickly.  This is especially true for those of us that have to use an enormous amount of keys in our daily lives.  I know, I have a fairly simple config for SSH, but I still ran into this issue when I pasted a block of text in  ~/.ssh/config.  I opened the file with VI, and NANO. I was only able to get it to work when I removed the spaces before each line it complained about.  I then just put them back as normal, and saved.

It turns out, that copying from another place can have the spaces not interpreted properly. They are tabbed indentations actually.  Once manually removed they are replaced by a normal “space” in the code and it should work properly.  I hope this saves some time for some people.


Matthew D. Curry


Thank you all for the support

As many of you may know, my wife and I were hospitalized a day apart.  This was completely unrelated, and unexpected.  Luckily, I had family that was able to come help us out while we were in the hospital.  That, in conjunction with the many others that have shown support, and the hospital staff that helped us while we were there made it possible to keep us healthy, and together as a family.  I can’t show enough gratitude for everyone’s help.

Also, to my employer Welltok, who has been extremely supportive throughout the ordeal.  You have my deepest thanks, and I am forever grateful; and yours as an employee.

Again; thank you to everyone, even those not mentioned  (You know who you are).



Matthew D. Curry

Husband, Father, Nerd, and Son.