Monthly Archives: August 2023

The War in Ukraine affects us all… Laid off…

As some of you may know I was recently laid off from a company where a large portion of our resources were based in the Ukraine.

I just wanted all those affected that you are not alone and we will all get through this!

On that note if anyone is hiring for a Senior DevOps position I am looking….

As most of you know I have 3 autistic boys and they are a handful so it makes it a bit of a pain to move, and find employment that covers our unique insurance needs…

I am looking for work remotely as I have been remote since prior to covid. However, I am open to hybrid if its a requirement.

I have added all my info including my Resume to my about me page and the Technologies I use. Please pass this around if you know anyone looking. I am open to Colorado, Texas, and remote positions.

Thanks again, and hang in there everyone!

– Matt