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T-Beam Communicator (Meshtastic)

The following are the build instructions for my T-Beam Based LoRa Communicator. No Phone Needed!

This allows for very long range communication without WiFi/cell communication. Up to 150KM+ line of sight. Also gives directions to each other via GPS (shows arrow pointing to the target user.) Additionally, It can also be connected via Bluetooth to a smart phone, for other features such as mapping via the Meshtastic App.

The following links are for US vendors of parts. I make no profit off anything listed. Also, please keep in mind if you want to pay less you can order from china and wait for it. I prefer to just get the items in a couple days in US.


The t-beam will need to be flashed with the latest Meshtastic firmware, and the ‘Canned Message‘ module needs to be enabled.

The firmware can actually be flashed via a meshtastic web flasher now. Making it very easy. Once you have setup the device you will need to enable the Canned Message plugin. Reboot the device after setup, and plugins being enabled.

Parts :

Wiring the Keyboard:

The CardKB will come with a grove cable. The red/black are power (5v), and the yellow and white are for signal.

  • Yellow: Pin 22
  • White: Pin 21
A pin-out for your convenience.