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Abandoned by GoDaddy…

I have been a customer for hosting for several years now. I also have over the years used their products. Granted, this was more due to it just being there more than anything else.

However, after many years hosting this blog they have decided to no longer support updating libraries that keep WordPress working and safe (This refers to classic vps customers, was told to buy all new hosting). This has led me to have no choice but to abandon them as a whole and move hosting.

That being said, please be patient if there is any down time or service interruptions.

PS: Godaddy… if you are reading this….so are others…


Azure is selling a BROKEN CLOUD. K8s.

Recently, I created a kubernetes cluster in Azure as a POC. I did this using Terraform to ensure it was infrastructure as code. This way it could be easily stood up again.

After jumping through tons of hoops to turn on a service that was no longer in preview, I was able to add a node pool for windows machines… In short, after a lot of hoops I was able to do so. This included getting cores quotas/etc extended. That took a few days because of the response time from Microsoft.

So, at this point I am heavily invested with my time (over a week of waiting and back/forth with MSFT). Now I have a K8s cluster up and running with a windows pool and Linux pool. It appears to be working…but this was a facade.

Once I started using the K8s cluster, I noticed a problem with all my deployments that had one of the following features:

  • Several Mounts (PVCs)
    • I found more than 3
  • Mounts Over 5-10gb

I tried reaching out to Microsoft via an azure support ticket. I was basically just given the run around, and asked to go through more hoops; all of which were for no more of a reason than to close the question in the techs queue.

Finally, I was able to get more information (only because of GitHub), see below:

This, again was a lie (even if not on purpose); as it has been well more than the original two weeks referred to. The original issue was opened March 2019! Also, after I tried to rebuild (per their suggestion) I was told they are out of cores; and “would I like to rebuild in another region?”, this started the quota requests again. That added 3 more days of waiting.

(Probably due to large government contract)

None of this behavior is enterprise grade, and quite frankly I don’t know why anyone would ever use this cloud. Please reference my previous post on their uptime. Keep in mind they are slightly more expensive that AWS, less robust, and less reliable.

This is the most classic case of “This is always how we have done it.”, and the nature of people to avoid change.

How to use a PS1 in Linux/MAC

Here are the PS1‘s I use for my daily driver.  Feel free to take them and change them up.

I use different colors, so one doesn’t accidentally login or run something as root (which is in red, users are yellow).

To use these, simply copy and paste them into either the root user; or regular user’s .bashrc.

Alternatively you can add them to /etc/profile to make them enforced system wide. 

For MAC, it is the same; however the PS1 is a little different. See below.





Updates on Kill-Switch (E-Vehichle for son).

During my latest testing phase, there was an accident with the motor controller.  This has put a small speed bump in my little project.

However, this may be a blessing in disguise.  I wanted to put in my own motor controller before, but I was trying to do this build without purchasing much.  So, I was using the built-in controller within the old hover board housing.  This came with many obstacles; for one, the circuit was very sensitive to change.  If I wanted it to work; the LEDs and everything had to be perfect. Otherwise it would throw errors. Keeping in mind that I do not have any manual, documentation, etc on the hardware here.

Once I replace their motor controller with mine, it will be even better for my automation.  I actually do have RPI motor controller HATs; however nothing rated for 500w.  So I am going to be using the following per side.

This will allow me to control the speed with the battery, and hub motors I already have. Just add a potentiometer per side, and were in business. Those pots will be controlled via very small servo.  This will allow the user to control them, but the servos will put them back to zero (stop) after use.  This also enables the control via RPI3, as I mentioned before.

On another note; I am considering using casters in the front since you will be able to steer via the controls.  Alternatively, I get one controller and use it as a throttle only.  This would work, but then I would have to have front steering.


Thanks for all the support,

Matt Curry

Handy One-Liners – Full Debian Update

This one is great for a “Full Update” on debian / ubuntu machines.

It calls the script without ever installing anything (assuming curl is installed).  Be sure to run as root, either with sudo or as root directly.

As you can see in the snippet; it uses a script that is remotely hosted (in a github gist).  This is great because you  can see exactly what it does by looking at the script.  It just calls system commands, so it can’t do anything malicious.  Just run sudo, then the above command and it will run the below script:

Another trick you can do with something like this, is copy it to  /usr/bin/fullupdate (as root of course), and ensure its executable “sudo chmod +x /usr/bin/fullupdate”.  Then you can call “sudo fullupdate”, from anywhere and use it when needed. Alternatively, you can use it on a cron to run on a schedule!  If you don’t want all the options, just download the script and change it for your liking.


Welcome to open source.

Don’t forget! Linux Learning Resources

This is kept under the Linux Learning Project and Learning Resources section of the site, and is updated occasionally with new links.  Feel free to suggest one by contacting me directly.




Google Disables Hangouts API…breaking many services.

I have seen much FUD around this, and I wanted to clarify so people are aware what Google’s Intentions are for Hangouts.  As I am a heavy user of the product, I was very surprised to see this.  It appears that Google will still keep Hangouts around, but for the ‘normal’ user demographic only.  They will be disabling their API on April 25.  This however, should not be a complete surprise.  Google has made it clear that with the arrival of their new products Allo and Duo that they are switching to an enterprise vision for many of their products.  However, they will NOT BE REMOVING IT COMPLETELY, as mentioned in the linked article.

What does this mean for you? The ‘End User’, if just using the services at face value may not even see a difference.  However, services and sites that use the integration features will likely be affected.  They (google) have allowed for an exception, and that is if they site/service qualifies as an “Enterprise Communication Tool”, slack for example.  There won’t be many of those I expect.

Basically it comes down to this, they are ending the Hangouts API integration (publicly) on April 25th.


Hope that helps,

Matthew Curry

New Community TTS Server! – Thanks!

It has been a little while; but the guys and gals at helped us (The Jasper Project) with a donated TTS (Text to Speech) server.  This has helped many of our users to get their projects working virtually out of the box.  Keep in mind does almost the same thing. We would almost be a competitor.  However, I do not see it that way.  We are open source and here to help each other out.


Thank you again to the guys at!

To those not familiar with them; here is a link to their Indigogo campaign.

Jasper Images Updated version 1.4 (aka Revision 4)

They are updating now; this includes a few fixes and features.


  • Jasper Tools Cron Installed (keeps them updated)
  • TTS Server Setup Out of the box!
  • STT Setup Out of the Box! (Just add key in profile.yml)
  • Jasper Start at Boot Cron Installed (allows for Jasper to start at boot)
  • Tested with several different variations of USB devices
    • USB Mic /Speaker Combinations
  • A ‘paired’ installer will be released soon!
    • This will allow the user to answer a few simple questions and have it running in seconds.

I apologize for the delays recently, I have had some personal issues come up.