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If you use Microsoft, you get what you deserve…

…only if you read this and keep using it…


     If you use Microsoft, it doesn’t make you dumb. We all know its the most popular, and shoved down your throat by the $2,000,000,000 they spend a year trying to sway your opinion.  Not to mention the bullying tactics I have seen first hand in the B2B space.

Keep in mind I am not talking solely about privacy as seen in the picture below.  However, that alone should be enough for any business to stop using them immediately.  Most companies are afraid of change, because it usually costs money. Although, if you truly calculate the costs of running Microsoft as an OS you will see that it is much higher.  Not only is it fiscally irresponsible (not to mention ethically/morally), but if you are a software company; or one that relies on it heavily.  You will find that the completely horrid security of windows makes it a great target.  Combine that with uneducated users and you get the hackers favorite playground.

You may have noticed that I haven’t mentioned performance comparisons.  Thats because windows doesn’t even come close to the stability and speed of Linux/BSD.  Here is an experiment for you Windows users.  Try turning it on, and not doing anything and let it run for a month straight.  Then make note of when it crashes (because it will).  Then do the same with a vanilla Linux install. I turned my last laptop off after 376 days of uptime.