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A post I didn’t want to make…but its important! (Please Read!)

But it needs to be done… if you have kids, or plan on having them in the future in the US. Also please watch, at least the first 30sec. That’s it… I can’t imagine a more heartless, profit mongering, inefficient, and unintelligent thing to happen in front of our eyes… If you are reading this, and you know me; you will know that I don’t participate in politics, or any social media drama. This is simply a problem we need to address.

With the resources at hand, and the knowledge that should be shared… There is no reason to allow this to continue. As a people, without regard to race, location, or any other factor. I have been near death on more than one occasion due to the limitation in place.

I will follow this article up, with more information, and my story of fighting for my life, and changing jobs, just to stay alive. I will share my “setup”, and “hacks”, to get your insurance to pay for the needed equipment. I will also go over the technology involved, and how you can use it safely, and securely. Here is an example of an OLD video showing the need; and although the technology exists… Insurance companies, and others have gone out of their way to deny access to the needed hardware at a reasonable prices.

Please share if you know anyone with Diabetes, especially if they have diabetic children. I would love to see responses to this article. I am hoping all that I have learned can be come easier to find out for people, than it was for me…